was created out of a need for ground-breaking, bio-circular fashion made to serve a new generation of customers. More than just being “sustainable”, we set out to launch a brand that benefits the planet, is gender-neutral, shape inclusive

, and looks great too! Here are 10 unique facts about 

PiPPiCA that highlight our values and brand ethos:












1. We strongly believe that fashion companies should prioritise people and the planet, while also producing great clothes. At PiPPiCA we do just that.

2. We are one of the world's first bio-circular fashion brands. This means that everything we create is 100% compostable and can eventually be returned back to the earth (once you’re done using it, of course)!

3. We are a gender-neutral clothing brand. We believe in dressing any gender because style is not gender-specific.

4. We design size-inclusive clothes for any body — all of our products have been researched and designed to fit a wide range of body types because we are all different.

5. We create our own sustainable yarns in the UK and Europe, made from materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and recycled wool. These materials are blended together to create unique, eco-friendly fabrics for our collections.

6. We offer a trade-in program, which ensures that our products do not enter the landfill. Each product that is traded in is used to create new garments or broken down through a composting process.

7. We are always looking for new ways to improve and keep ahead of the game in sustainable garment production and cutting-edge fashion design. If you have any feedback, we always love to hear from the PiPPiCA community.

8. We are a small team of 10 people with a range of backgrounds and experience united by a shared goal: to create truly sustainable fashion for anybody.

9. We are launching in the Metaverse in Summer 2022 (web2 & web3) to create a more personalised online experience for our community. More information to come soon!

10. Put simply, we don't do fashion like other brands do fashion.

Learn more about our brand and stay up to date with the PiPPiCA community here.


June 13, 2022