After the success of the Fashion Future and Tech Expo organised by Pippica World and Msherieb Properties in June 2023, we are thrilled by the overwhelming response, particularly from young audiences, including art and technology students. The event not only pushed boundaries but also fostered new collaborations that were previously unimagined. Through this ongoing series of events, Pippica World and Msherieb Properties aimed to create a platform that not only will provide exposure to innovative concepts but also facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations between different stakeholders.

By bringing together established companies like Qatar Airways, Vodafone, Microsoft, Oritain, SAP, zblocks, zybte, Vimeo and emerging talents, we as the organisers envision a future where technology, fashion, and art seamlessly intertwined to shape the world of tomorrow. With a considerable influx of requests from the business community as well as talented students for the next event, we are inspired to continue the momentum. Preparations for the next expo are in process and we are inviting young designers, artists, innovators, and young start-ups to join us in April 2024 as participants, observers, or both.