The Gen Z fashion world is composed of incredible style, personality and originality. We are a generation striving for excellence in everything we do, and what's a better way to show this than through the clothes we wear?

However, where there are clothes, the issues associated with the fashion industry tend to follow.

So, how do we shop responsibly and ethically ?

There are many layers and complexities in the fashion industry that require us to dig deeper and find the truth behind it. 

Once we dig through all of the companies underpaying workers and ruining our futures with the garments they produce, we eventually find the gold. We find the brands doing their utmost to create luxurious garments and accessories that won't negatively impact our planet and in turn our futures.

This is where PiPPiCA’s newest collection is positioned: at the intersection of luxury and sustainability.


The Maya Clutch

One of my favourite items from the collection is the Maya clutch; it features a beautiful, organic shape and is made even more lavish with its stunning purple shade.

It is the perfect bag for Gen Z because the colour caters to the boldness of our generation. It also continues to break down conversations around gender and colour. PiPPiCA’s choice in colour reiterates the possibilities of gender-neutral fashion and once again puts them at the forefront of this important conversation.


The Milo Belt

Whilst we are a generation focused on our futures, we also continue to take elements of style from the past, especially the noughties and their Y2K style. This in turn has caused a big influx in the use of butterflies in both patterns and garments.

The belts and bags in PiPPiCA’s new collection are all created using Eco-tan leather, which supports local, organic farming, and natural wood, made using cutoffs from the furniture industry, which really affirms the beauty in shopping sustainably.

This is not just another luxury collection but an investment into our futures.

November 08, 2022