For so long I feel the main item referenced in a wardrobe has been a little black dress, an almost perfect equilibrium in the fashion world, afterall black goes with everything. However, whilst I love the flattering sleekness a little black dress provides, I dont think it's what my generation wants or needs anymore. 


Isn't our fashion sense created in reference to a lot of past generations' styles ?


Yes for sure, afterall our Y2K style is basically a dug up treasure trove from the noughties. But, we take these clothes and raise you, with our refreshing viewpoints and inclusive attitude towards the garments, we are the perspective fashion trends need.

 This is where PiPPiCA comes in - the perfect brand to fulfil these requirements, with their diverse, gender neutral range there is something there for everyone. I also get a sense of care from PiPPiCA due to their ethical and sustainable choices in the creation of biodegradable clothing. Something more brands should aim to do. 

My real excitement however comes in correlation with their new collection. Showcasing an incredible range of items, in an even more stunning colour pallete. This allows me to digress back to the aforementioned, little black dress, as PiPPiCA bring their own statement piece to the table through this collection; the red bag.  


  The image above showcases the more experimental construct of the bag. Between the slanted front flap and wooden logo motif, in the middle, it really encapsulates the individual personality PiPPiCA is conveying through this collection.  

Moreover where the logo is attached to a strap it enables the bag to become more versatile and be used as a clutch, as well as a more over the shoulder bag. This in turn allows for more outfit envisionment to come in correlation with it. Imagine being on a night out and being able to switch from the clutch, which was perfect for the nicer drinks at the start of the night, to an over the shoulder moment, for when you inevitably end up going to the club. 

Not only is the bag's shape adaptable but so are the outfits that will go with the bag, especially the red version. The perfect accompaniment to your coffee shop date look, or to add a pop of colour to your otherwise mundane office outfit, or perhaps the essential piece to tie together your outfit to your big weekend event, the bag can do it all. I think it's the perfect compliment to dress up any outfit.


As if this wasn't all exciting enough make sure to keep an eye out as PiPPiCA is going to be launching the limited edition preorder for this fantastic new collection. 

November 01, 2022