We here at PiPPiCA are pleased to announce that we have recently been finalists for the LVG investors choice award!! This award was a brand new category at this year's Luxury innovation summit, making it just that little bit more special. The Summit itself took place in Geneva last week where we where lucky enough to connect with some incredible industry leaders.


As if the award alone wasn't exciting enough we also launched our new collection at the summit. After all, where could it be better to showcase our new luxurious products than at an event coherent with the concept of luxury. 



The collection of course will have the same compostable factors as our other products, made out of a range of sustainable materials, and will still remain part of our ‘trade in’ program. Not only that, this new collection allows us to bring a whole new category of products in a variety of colours to the PiPPiCA world

Sad you weren't there for this sensational lineup of events? 

We have a range of content we will be posting on our social channels over the coming weeks, so be sure to check those out! 




October 25, 2022