“Anything that is against nature has no lasting effect”

Charles Darwin

Here at PiPPiCA we are big advocates for sustainable and ethically made items. All our products follow a bio-circular lifespan, allowing for them all to be compostable. However …

How do we remain forward thinking with both the products we are creating and the materials we are using?

 This question remains a rather poignant one when we are curating new items. As expected in the fashion industry there is a great pace and expectation in the creation of ideas. What is the next best thing? How do we continue to  improve items and create trends? 

Whilst these are incredibly important factors, here at PiPPiCA we also feel we obtain a certain responsibility, for moving our choice in sustainable materials forward, equally as much as we do trends. 

Through our continued research and sourcing of materials we are able to also move our products forward and create new opportunities to branch out our collections. For instance we currently work with a lot of leather due to the bio circularity of the materials we have access to, as shown in the diagram at the top

Whilst the leather we use works really well for our current stature of products, the creation of sustainable materials is progressing which enables us as a brand to follow suit.

 A recent discovery has led to an interest in algae based materials to create things such as shoes and dye for garments.  The algae itself is marine grown so need no extra water supply and being a plant photo synthesises, meaning it takes CO2 from the air. However the research into this material is still ongoing which is good as they may make more positive discoveries, like whether the health benefits from certain algae will be reflected onto this materialised algae.

 The algae itself will come in both a dye and yarn form. This means it can contribute to the colouring properties of products we've already created, and be used to make a whole new selection of garments. Moreover they are also currently testing adaptations to foam and resin using algae to make soles for shoes. 

October 26, 2022