NFT ART Orange Brain

The concept of Pippica art, inspired by the evolution of fashion and technology, may provide a fresh perspective for artists and viewers alike. It can serve as a bridge between traditional artistic practices and cutting-edge technologies, sparking curiosity and encouraging exploration in both realms.   It's interesting to see how Pippica art is using the story of evolution in art and technology to inspire and encourage creativity in anyone.

Created by Aude Rech

She is Pippica's Creative Director, an experienced painter and photographer based in France whose works have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Germany and the United States. While her artistic approach has varied throughout her career, she describes her art as being a dialogue with the world "One we carry within us". Aude world is interpreted through creative processes whilst using traditional technics and tech tools like midjourney Ai. Aude's artistic approach involves a dialogue with the world, by using strong lines and bold colours, it collides and connects in a happy turmoil of ideas and concepts whilst looking for a new space. The juxtaposition of both worlds allows Aude to express her vision of creative thinking.  Orange Brain is the first in the series.