OUR STORY                              

As far as stories go, ours is a very optimistic one.

PiPPiCA was created out of a need for ground-breaking, bio-circular fashion, made to serve a new generation of customers. More than just being “sustainable”, we set out to launch a brand that benefits the planet, is gender-neutral, shape inclusive, and looks great too! No mean feat. Finally, after months of planning, designing, and using every bit of learning and technology we had, PiPPiCA was born.
We are pioneers in bio-circular fashion, meaning that everything we create can be returned to the earth. We only use compostable materials, manufacture in the UK and Europe using our own sustainable yarns, and replenish our stock every 8-12 weeks to avoid waste. In fact, our garments will go on to enrich the land as they break down, due to our materials and production processes. And that’s just the beginning …
Everything we design, from our statement trench coat to our Ecotan leather dresses, is made to benefit our planet, not harm it.
Our designs represent the true diversity of our community, both within the PiPPiCA team and in the customers we serve. We design for individuals of different shapes, sizes, identities, and beliefs. As a gender-inclusive brand, we celebrate what is unique about our community and their style — not what society expects. In short, we don’t do fashion like other brands do fashion. 

We care about people, we care about the planet, and we care about great clothes too.  

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