At the forefront of the bio-circular fashion movement, Trade IN system demonstrates an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

One of the key principles of our approach is the use of compostable materials in fashion. By utilising only materials that can be returned back to the earth, we ensures that its garments have a minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. This focus on composability means products eventually break down, they enrich the soil rather than contributing to waste and pollution.

By producing garments close to their target markets, the Trade IN system reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supports local economies.

Trade IN also places emphasis on sustainable yarns, using its own specially developed yarns in the manufacturing process. These yarns are carefully designed to be environmentally friendly and meet the brand's high standards for quality and performance.

By closely managing inventory levels and production, to avoid overproduction and excess inventory, which are common issues in the fashion industry.

  • Sustainable Materials: The use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials in products, such as organic or recycled compostable yarns, ethically sourced wood and natural dyes.

  • Transparency and Supply Chain Traceability: Luxury ethical brands are transparent about their supply chains, providing information about the origins of their materials and the production processes involved. We obtain certifications from Oritain, independent auditors to verify their ethical practices and product DNA origin.

  • Minimal Environmental Impact: Pippica strive to minimise environmental footprint by implementing sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing waste, and using renewable energy sources. 

  • Quality and Timelessness: Luxury ethical brands prioritise quality craftsmanship, ensuring that products are made to last. We focus on timeless designs that transcend seasonal trends, encouraging a slower and more sustainable approach to fashion consumption.

The proof of origin lies in nature. We use ART & SCIENCE to find it!


Nature gives all things a unique code that tells us where they come from, created from the elements in a product’s environment.