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We adhere to the highest of ethical standards throughout our whole business. 

All of our garments are made with our commitment to replenishing the earth in mind - that means everything we create can either be composted, recycled or is biodegradable. Our production methods, packaging and manufacturing are set up to be as uncompromisingly sustainable as possible. That means we focus our production on the UK and EU, that means we use green technology like solar panels, rainwater harvesting and heat recovery systems and that means we focus on using non-virgin materials wherever possible - whether that’s in the fabric we created, Aqua TriBlend, which rescues plastic waste or just in our printer paper here at the office. 

We regularly review our environmental impact to make sure we’re doing everything possible to be beneficial to this planet. We embrace new technological breakthroughs in our production to help our waste management and to be as energy and water efficient as possible. Our reviews also include an in-depth look at our own and our suppliers' ethical and social standards too. 

We are committed to:

  • Driving sustainability forward across the whole fashion industry through our creation of new, sustainable textiles.
  • Reducing waste by focusing on reusing waste in our textile production. 
  • Harnessing green technology to power our business. 
  • Creating garments that are compostable or biodegradable, ensuring they don’t become waste.
  • Designing with a ‘seasonless’ approach to encourage a longer garment lifecycle. 

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