Innovation, Inspired by Art & Technology

The Fashion Future & Tech Expo Part 2 is set to continue the success and momentum of the previous event. It's great to hear that the 2023 expo received such a positive response, especially from young audiences and art and technology students from around the world. Pippica World and Msherieb Properties Doha - Qatar, aim to provide a more hands-on approach in the upcoming expo, catering to the demand for interactive experiences. By bringing together established companies such as ORITAIN, IBM, Vodafone, Qatar Airways, zblocks, zbyte, Microsoft, SAP, Vimeo, along with emerging talents, we envision a future where technology, fashion, and art seamlessly intertwine to shape the world of tomorrow.

With the considerable influx of requests from the business community and talented students, we are inspired to continue the momentum and are currently preparing for the next expo in April 2024. 
The Fashion Future & Tech Expo Part 2 promises to be an exciting platform for innovation, creativity, and collaboration in the world of art, fashion and technology. We are inviting young designers, artists, innovators, and young start-ups to participate as either participants or observers. This creates an excellent opportunity for individuals to showcase their talent, collaborate with industry professionals, and be a part of the evolving intersection of fashion and technology. 

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