Innovate & Create:

The Intersection of AI & Blockchain in Business, Finance, and Art

16-18 April 2024
Doha Design District

The dynamic evolution of technology is reshaping every facet of our lives, transcending simple game playing and artistic expressions to revolutionise intricate systems such as banking, finance, healthcare, retail and beyond.

The convergence of Blockchain and AI technology has ignited an unprecedented paradigm shift, propelling us into a realm of boundless possibilities. This transformation is not merely a change but an open gateway that redefines our perceptions, conception, production, and consumption within the global economy.

Our upcoming event serves as an amplification of this technological innovation and ingenuity, leveraging the power of AI while nurturing human creativity. Through a symbiotic collaboration between human intelligence and AI, this event seeks to empower artists, scientists, innovators, and creators.

"The central aim of this event is to highlight the vast potential applications of AI across diverse sectors such as business, fashion, art, food supply chain, healthcare, future of education and many more.

This event offers a glimpse into the future, offering a historic yet concise preview of what lies ahead in our rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Join us on this journey that promises to inspire future generations."

Dea Baker, Pippica World Founder & Event Director

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Supply chain transparency from inception to disposal.

iD-Link seamlessly integrates producers, manufacturers, and consumers into a circular economy model.

Our system leverages advanced verification to trace a product's full life cycle.

the f* word

seamless digital fashion

effortlessly design, display, and monetize from your digital fashion creations.

Across the three-day program, attendees can anticipate a series of workshops, panel discussions, and captivating performances that embrace AI in art, music, fashion and ballet.

Our aim is to explore diverse topics such as Blockchain Technology in Circular Economy, Healthcare, Music, Finance, Fashion, and other industries, ultimately bridging the gap between Linear and Circular Economy principles towards a sustainable future.

The event is hosted at M7, in the Doha Design District, the world’s first fully built smart city district. Every building stands as a testament to sustainability, as either Gold or Platinum LEED-certified.

The organisers, Pippica World and Msherieb Proporties Doha, aim to provide a more hands-on approach in the upcoming event, catering to the demand for interactive experiences.

By bringing together established companies such as zblocks, Oritain, Microsoft, SAP, Vimeo, along with emerging talents, they envision a future where technology, fashion, and art seamlessly intertwine to shape the world of tomorrow.

Guiding our proceedings is the esteemed Jane King of Nasdaq media. With her seasoned expertise, she will lead us through an immersive experience, ensuring each moment is thought-provoking.

The Fashion Future & Tech Expo Part 2 promises to be an exciting platform for innovation, creativity, and collaboration in the world of art, fashion, and technology.

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