‘Shopping sustainably should be easy and you shouldn’t have to compromise on your style or the fit of your clothes.’

 TRADE IN WORLD - with us

Bio-circular means that nothing ends up in a landfill. All of our garments are 100% compostable and don’t require material separation. This means that our products fully biodegrade and will go on to enrich the land as they break down. We also go out of our way to prevent waste from reaching landfills in the fashion industry as a whole. For example, we work with factories in Italy, the UK, Austria, and Slovenia to incorporate leather waste from farming into our designs. 



Simply Sustainable

Simply put, we know our stuff when it comes to sustainability. We are constantly pioneering innovative ways to benefit the planet. That said, we will never stop learning; we’re always looking for new ways to improve and keep ahead of the game in both sustainable garment production and cutting-edge fashion design. We do the hard work, so all you need to do is shop.

Buying better quality clothing means that you will end up buying less, and every single item is designed to last. These are fashion items that you can rely upon, wardrobe staples that you can turn to again and again, and items that can be dressed up or down. In essence, we create clothing that defies trends and lasts longer than a season. The less you buy, the less harm you do, both to the planet and to your bank balance.


A Greenwash-free zone

It’s true, we have relentlessly high standards when it comes to our approach to fashion. That’s because we are committed to protecting our environment for this generation and the generations to come. We think beyond the now, and beyond trends, which is why we don’t greenwash. In fact, our uncompromising dedication to sustainability decides everything we do from the unique materials and patented technology we use, to the way we run our business, to how we choose our suppliers.

Our range is ethically produced and beautifully designed — so you can get on with choosing a great outfit without worrying about the planet.