PiPPiCA was designed with people and planet in mind. As pioneers in bio-circular fashion, they design for a new generation of customers. While their pieces are created with a focus on quality and luxury, they also ensure each product is 100% compostable - meaning that it can be returned to the earth without contamination.
More than just being sustainable, PiPPiCA is gender-neutral, shape inclusive, and does not sacrifice style. Their designs represent the true diversity of their community, both within the PiPPiCA team and in the customers they serve. Ultimately, they believe that clothing is a true reflection of personal style, whatever that may be.

At PiPPiCA, they do the hard work, so all you need to do is shop.




 Further availability 

Upon request we can provide the following information :
1 - An interview with Dea, the founder of PiPPiCA
2- Upcoming collection preview
3- Expert opinion piece on topics such as bio-circular fashion

     If you require any further content/information, please reach out to us at: contact@pippica.world