We are a sustainable brand — committed to protecting our environment for generations to come. We make sure EVERY product we create is 100% compostable. We are boldly pioneering new ways to source and create fabrics and materials that give back to the earth, not take from it.



 This is where our trade-in program comes in. By trading your old items in with us, all of our products can be re-used and continue to be part of our bio-circular cycle.

How it Works... FAQs

Why aren't all my products eligible for trade-in?

We accept most items for trade-in; however, there may be certain items that are not eligible at this time. It is a brand-new program for us, and indeed the industry, so it will continue to evolve. The more uses we find for the products traded in, the more products we can take back. 

As a guide we will offer a discount code of the following values:

All products can be traded in:

Leather 20%

Silks 15%

Knitwear 15%

Shoes 15%

How long will it take until I receive my credit?

We aim to process all trade-ins within 7 days of receiving them.