The Fashion Future & Tech Expo, held in the vibrant Smart City of Doha's Msheireb Design District from 4th to 6th June, has become an iconic event that embraces the dynamic fusion of fashion, innovation, sustainability, and technology. This groundbreaking expo brought together renowned experts, influential figures, and passionate enthusiasts from Microsoft, SAP, zblocks, zbyte, Oritain, Continue, Goshopia, Luxiders, Msherieb properties to explore the limitless potential at the intersection of these industries. 

The Fashion Future & Tech Expo not only showcased the convergence of fashion, technology, and sustainability but also featured influential speakers who are driving blockchain adoption, fostering sustainability, and pioneering innovation in the industry. From experts in blockchain technology to advocates of sustainable fashion, these speakers shared their insights and experiences, inspiring attendees and shaping the future of the fashion industry.

Nitin Kumar, zblocks:  an expert in blockchain technology, has been instrumental in driving blockchain adoption in governments and enterprises. His knowledge and experience in the field have helped organisations leverage the potential of blockchain for improved security, transparency, and efficiency.

Nitin Kumar CEO zblocks