Sustainability award

Here at PiPPiCA we were fortunate enough to be shortlisted for the Drapers Independents Awards 2022. More specifically, we were considered for their new sustainability award. 

The Drapers Independents Awards allow for the industry to celebrate independent brands that are passionate about being the best in their respective areas. This year's awards seemed even more poignant as they celebrated the businesses that have survived the lockdowns of the past few years.


The sustainability award speaks for itself really, and we were proud to share our work on the topic. In alignment with the award, our values and goals over the last 12 months demonstrated how our products and practises are sustainably-oriented, something we are big promoters of. 



Afterall, what is more sustainable than a bio-circular brand that uses compostable materials and gives customers the option to trade-in their once-loved items? 

Additionally, PiPPiCA’s products are designed to be gender-neutral and target GenZ. This allows for more fluidity in the way the products are worn, as they can be worn by any gender, and promotes a longer life-span for each product.

It was a privilege to be considered as a finalist for the sustainability award, among other incredible and innovative fashion companies. Looking forward, PiPPiCA will continue to promote the values and practises that make us a truly sustainable brand.

October 25, 2022